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    In a word... next programme of free event is announced

    Image: Nightwood 2005. Crime novels, oil paint and reading lamps © Emma Bolland.We are very happy to announce the final installment of the In a word... programme, which includes dinners hosted by East Street Arts and Rachel Lois Clapham with Wild Pansy Press; an evening of reading performances by extraordinary writers from either side of the Atlantic; and a collaborative skywriting project with French-Norwegian artist, Caroline Bergvall.

    This email, sent out in the last few hours, contains all the details:

    The first event will take place this coming Thursday. It is the, rescheduled, second dinner in the How is art writing? series, hosted by East Street Arts as part of '...and from west behold! A pale horse...'. The event will include readings by crime writer David Peace and a conversation between artists, writers and the wider audience, turning on themes of murder, modern myths and fairy tales, discussion will focus on crime as contemporary narrative.

    We hope you can take part, and we look forward to reconnecting soon.

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